What is Upstream?

Upstream is an app to host commuities like Serial Marketers to offer speed networking events, guest speakers, office hours, and more.

What are events like?

Events are typically 30-minute sessions where you meet four different people for five minutes each over view. There is sometimes a guest speaker at the beginning.

How do I join?

Go to www.upstreamapp.com, register, and find the Serial Marketers group in the directory. Then request access, and David will let you in.

I applied to join Serial Marketers here. How do I get in?

Every day or two, I review member requests and let in community members. If you requested to join and it has taken longer than that, check with David.

How do I find out about events?

Is there a charge?

No, these are free. You don’t need to be a Premium member either.

What should I put on my profile?

Add as much info as possible, including your bio, email

Do I need an iPhone?

Upstream events work on iPhone, Android, and the web.